Enterprise helpdesk software suite

Helpline is a web-based help desk system. Here are just some of its features:

  • 100% HTML, no applets or plug-ins required
  • Multiple user levels
  • Username/password or LDAP authentication
  • Password change utility
  • Integrated with Crystal Reports
  • Insert, update, delete service requests (security enforced)
  • Persistant dynamic menu with toolbar
  • Query by example (search on any field with wildcard support)
  • Data validation
  • Reports
  • Call volume
  • Average response times
  • Open requests
  • High priority items
  • Call summary
  • Call metrics for managers
  • Self-serve user profile information
  • Create/modify user accounts
  • List-of-values editor (dynamically change pick lists)
  • Frequently-asked-questions bulletin board
  • Automatically email status information
  • Notify analysts via email requiring action
  • Navigation bar to browse data
  • Oracle back-end

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Main Menu
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The main menu is simple and easy to use for users. It includes two main items: 1) Enter new service request and 2) Check on existing service requests. As with all other screens, the menubar and toolbar are always available.
New Request
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New request screens vary depending on the user's access level. In this screen shot, the user is capable of accessing the "Admin Only" fields. General users only need to enter three pieces of information. User information such as name, phone number, email address are not required because user profile information was previously entered.
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HelpLine's search feature allows analysts to query previous services requests with ease. Each field in the system is searchable and wildcards are permitted.
Response Metrics
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Managers can monitor call response using the metric utility.